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Dear LMG Networks
After spending the majority of my night on Monday pulling my hair out as Google Chrome would not work on my laptop, and as all of my online ordering portals work through Chrome we were on shut down. 
The next morning, I was getting more annoyed as it still didn’t work, I then realised that I need a little help before I break the thing in two. So, I messaged Ted asking if it’s me being stupid or will it need looking at? Within a few minutes Ted replied do you want me to log on remotely and take a look. Eh do what?? Ted said use anther browser, go onto our website and log into remote support. Ok done, next thing my arrow on screen is flying around boxes and files opening and closing. Clicks on chrome open…. I can’t repeat much of what I said next apart from you’re a legend.
So, I can highly recommend Ted from LMG Networks, not only to provide a professional, quick and excellent service but also to save you money as I don’t need to buy a new laptop as it stayed in one piece.
Thanks Again

​Tim Performance Blinds

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